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UCA 2018 Costume Theme Party "Out of This World"



UCA was formed 50 years ago in 1968, in the era of The Space Race, the competition between 2 rivals; the Soviet Union and the United States. December 1968 saw the launch of Apollo 8, the first manned space mission to orbit the moon and in July 1969 the race was won when U.S. astronauts walked on the moon. This year we are commemorating our shared history with an “Out of This World” theme party.

At this event you will see a wide variety of space characters and things; astronauts, planets, stars, Martians and aliens.

You will also meet characters from current and retro space movies, television and cartoons such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Lost in Space, Stargate, Power Rangers, My Favourite Martian, Buck Rogers, Futurama and the Jetsons.

And, as “Out of this World” can also mean excellent, amazing or extraordinary … have fun with it, let your imagination run wild as, anything goes!

Everyone will come in costume prepared to have an “Out of this World” experience!







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