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UCA 2017 Costume Theme Party "Around The World"



This year we will be travelling the globe at our “Around The World” theme costume party; experiencing the dress of a country or region, travel related icons or people, and characters specific to a region.

You will certainly see many colourful costumes representing countries of the world. The Scotsman in his kilt, the Mexican in his sombrero, or the hula girl in a grass skirt may show up.

On our travels we will come across the pilot, the flight attendant, and many camera laden tourists.

You may also meet characters or icons of the world: a Japanese geisha girl, a leprechaun, the Statue of Liberty, or a matador. Cleopatra may make an appearance with an Egyptian mummy, along with Pocahontas and the Indian Chief.

Everyone will come in costume and be prepared to have an “out of this world” good time!







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